Wanna move ‘down under’? Australia is looking for more Working Holidaymakers!
21 Mar 2019

The Australian Government has launched a new campaign which aims to attract more Working Holidaymakers down under, as well as support Aussie farmers and boost regional tourism. 

The campaign, titled ‘Australia Inc’, is targeting young people in the UK, France and Germany who are considering combining overseas travel with temporary work.


A number of enhancements to the traditional Working Holiday program have been introduced in unison with the launch of the campaign.

Among the changes to the program are the expansion of the regional areas where Working Holidaymakers can work, increasing the time period they can stay with an employer and the addition of an option of a third year.


$3 billion


Australia has long been heralded as a top destination for prospective Working Holidaymakers and the Work & Travel initiative is an essential part of Australia’s agricultural and tourism industries. In fact, Working Holidaymakers play a critical role in filling short-term workforce shortages in regional areas and they also inject over $3 billion into the Australian economy each year.

But Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham believes that more could be done to convince Working Holidaymakers to pack their bags and book a flight to Oz.

“Whilst Australia is a highly desirable Working Holidaymaker destination, research shows there are some barriers to travel, such as distance and a lack of understanding of the long-term benefits of a Working Holiday in Australia,” said Birmingham.

“This campaign is aimed at demonstrating how living and working in Australia will make young people stand out from the crowd when they return home and benefit their long-term career and life goals.”

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Richard Colbeck was keen to stress the importance of Working Holidaymakers to Australia.

“Access to sufficient labour, particularly for seasonal work, is a perennial issue and concern for the industry. Our changes to the Working Holiday Visa are specifically designed to help meet the needs of our farmers.”



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Author: Visa First