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  • - Global visa coverage;
  • - Easy-to-use online account management system;
  • - Centralised billing;
  • - Visa specialist account manager;
  • - Real-time status updates.

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If you’re a travel manager, HR specialist or business traveller, let Visa First manage your visa applications in one place!

Business Travelers

Travelling abroad on a business meeting or a conference? Visa First helps organisation officials reach the destinations their job requires them to. Here’s why business travellers choose Visa First:

  • Global visa expertise – our visa specialists know each country’s visa policy.
  • Immediate application – we fill the application forms for you.
  • No waiting time – no need to travel to and wait in line at the embassy.
  • Simultaneous processing – your organisation needs several people travelling? No problem!
  • Visa expert assigned to your company – a point of contact available throughout the process.

Popular destinations include: Thailand, Bangladesh, Russia, or browse all visas.

Recruiters & HR

Looking to hire overseas workers? Our work permit and skilled visas department will ensure all legal aspects are met and your new employees start work as soon as possible.

  • Centralised point of contact – get instant access to expert knowledge on hiring overseas residents.
  • Avoid legal issues – we monitor and make sure our clients comply with the latest migration and employment regulations.
  • Helping your employees – employing foreign citizens requires both involved sides to comply with certain requirements. Before applying we make sure your employees are eligible and possess the necessary documents.

Popular options: Ireland Intracompany transfer, UK Intracompany transfer, US L1 visa

Travel Managers & Event Organisers

Hosting an exhibition, going to a sports event or a concert, or even organising a wedding abroad? Whatever the case – we will take the hassle of you, your co-travellers or guests – allowing you to focus on what’s more important for the organisation of your trip and event.

  • No one misses the event – everyone has their visa on time.
  • Convenient group booking – one person can organise the visas for everybody.
  • Tight deadlines – get priority service and organise everything in a flash.

Popular destinations include: Singapore, China, Vietnam, or browse all visas.

Visa First for Your Business

Establishing close ties with your business, we will be able to provide complete and continuous support at preferential rates and high-priority processing for your requests.

Travel Documents

Get visas, work permits, intracompany transfer schemes, invitation letters & vouchers. Group booking and simultaneous processing.

Migrants Employment Law Expertise

As the global visa specialists we will help your company transfer/ hire employees avoiding any legal consequences.


Send employees abroad on intercompany transfer visas for training, to occupy managerial positions, or people with specialist skills.

We will advise on the most suitable course of action for your company to take based on current immigration legislation, visa requirements, time guidelines.

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Helping You Organise Visas

Offering a number of benefits, our corporate visa service will enable any company organiser/ coordinator to:

  • Bulk visa order – have all needed visas processed and issued at once.
  • Manage applications online – registering with us will allow you to monitor the applications, upload documents, and make amendments.
  • Benefit from hands-on experience – no need to research for visa requirements, documents needed, or waiting in line at the embassy. Contact us and save time!
  • Support throughout the whole process – you are able to benefit from Visa First’s excellent customer support. Your dedicated visa specialist will handle your application and assist you throughout the process.

Your Reliable Business Partner

As an international company with offices in more than 28 countries, we can relate to your business moving employees abroad. Many global corporations have used our corporate visa services to relocate personnel to their offices worldwide.

Whether you are a company coordinator, an HR manager, a CEO – your task to organise the visas for a few people, a department, or the whole company – will be a whole lot easier.