Why use a registered agent?

As an Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1001083), Declan Clune and the team are required to adhere to the regulations set out by the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in its Code of Conduct. The Code is intended to regulate the conduct of Australian migration agents and a full copy of the Code of Conduct is available here.

Australian Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)

The Office of the MARA in Australia is attached to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and administers the functions of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, as set out in s316 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act). Your agent must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA), which ensures that only suitable persons are registered to provide immigration assistance. To check if a person is registered, visit the website www.mara.gov.au

Agents registered with The Office of the MARA operate under a strict Code of Conduct. Click here to view the Code of Conduct

The Office of the MARA also offers a Consumer Guide that sets out your rights, tips on using an agent and the profession, the functions of the Authority, the legislation regulating the profession, what a client can expect from a migration agent and complaint procedures.

About Visa First

Visa First is the world’s leading provider of visa processing and immigration services. Established in 2003 the company’s sole aim has always been to help businesses and individuals around the world in a swift and professional manner. Being where we are today means we have managed to do so but we do rest on our laurels – we constantly evolve in our effort to provide you with the best service.

Our Culture and Values

From our customer care department, through our visa specialists to our migration agents – VisaFirst has employed only intelligent and highly-driven people who are passionate about what they do. Our culture is set on values which bring the professional and caring attitude anyone of us would love to receive, no matter if a business partner, an individual, or a colleague of ours.

Our Mission

We don’t just process your application, we strive to be your reliable partner. For individuals seeking visas our representation in front of the governing authorities means you are serious about what you do. Becoming your personal migration agent, VisaFirst will offer strategic advice, an experienced hand, and will facilitate your company’s migration needs and demands.

Over a decade ago, we made a promise to provide businesses of any scale, individuals and their families, with the most caring support for their upcoming new ventures. We know migration inside out and know what is in front of you.

Our Team

VisaFirst’s directors have successfully managed the international growth of the company. With offices in more than 40 countries, the leadership team is engaged in structuring and supporting the local branches, while maintaining prominence in the high quality of the provided solutions. VisaFirst is also proud to present its customers with one of the best customer care departments. Our representatives take each new case with the same level of commitment and passion as it’s their first.